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recorded // mixed // mastered by Niko Zaglaras

hot breath is Molly, Adam & Alex

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released April 16, 2015



all rights reserved


HOT BREATH Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: years & years of drought
they're telling you yr better than this
everything's so far from reach
breach the walls set up by our father's
can't preserve the stoic, emotionless matter
as a matter of fact it's hard to trespass

it's hard to trespass
it hasn't rained in years
the heat just persists

I must insist, we can grow faster than this
I'm working on, try to be a better one
a better one for all of you

to fall out of the patterns out
to kill me
please I just need to fall asleep
Track Name: watching over atop the trees
we were running through the woods
came to an open field, and I tripped and fell

to see yr face, that menacing gaze pierced right through me

is that who you are now? I'll never know

you'll always be a ghost to me, but what am I to you?
will it come up again? dodging the hand that's about to strike

part of you will always be dug beneath my skin
but I'm not bleeding anymore
Track Name: shatter
I'll stay up all night worrying, waiting
I just can't let it go it festers, it grows
its just the one thing
a small thing it doesn't matter
it just takes over
and I shatter

I shatter

we stay up all night
Track Name: flower dress
I'll never be the boy my mother always saw in her eyes
all the frustration outed by a homophobic slur
as if I'd snap out of it
with just one hateful word

and I don't know how to talk to you or anyone at all

I know it hurts so bad
and I wish that I could carry the weight off yr shoulders
ghost stories of people that we used to call friends
playing out right now
it's so terrifying to know

a shadow of the past
shallow blended into shadow
and I'm so lost

I know it hurts so bad
when yr constantly being told to be something you'll never fucking be

flower dress
buried in a closet
I can't be the son you think is dead
or the daughter that you lost
Track Name: pink casts
the sky's pink glow over ohio
rest stop quarantine
if you could only see me gleam over the look in yr eyes
everything is always broken but I held tight

talking of our queer identities
try to remedy a past of disappointment
trembling in my own thoughts at the mercy of yr own
cause falling asleep on yr floor felt like home

falling asleep on yr floor felt home
falling asleep on yr floor feels like home

I'll keep trying and I hope that you do too
into pasts we were born; now just fighting to stay warm
Track Name: stay golden
you were so lost
I hope that you found what you were looking for
in disposing of yr anger
in the most violent of ways
you talk so much shit from the safest of distances

yr so golden, you sit up in the sky
waiting for me to cry out to you

you want everyone to bleed for all that you feel
(get out, get out, get out)
sit and rot, disintegrate into
(get out, get out, get out)
whatever fate you chose
(get out, get out, get out)
yr untouchable

you were so lost
I hope that you found what you were looking for
I lost my best friend to a culture of abuse
I just hope that you start living yr life with the earnest of eyes
and I'm crying all the time